Ss collapsible gates. .

The 4' height is for people who need a 5" fence and put a top rail on it.

No climb fence is a type of woven wire horse fence.

This fence is a great option for residential or dog fence. Tape fencing material costs between $0. Durable “S” knot features smooth design that protects skin, manes, and tails.

Our horse fence, or non-climb fence, features 2"x4" spacing to better protect your horse from harm.

*This is the online selling price on. 5 Ga. .

5 Foot Diamond Chain Link Fence. 5' NO-CLIMB FENCE.

Gauge: 12.


No Climb Horse fence is a medium-expense physical barrier fence alternative. Unroll the no-climb fencing along the fence line.

. Smooth side of Square Deal® Knot prevents injury to animal.

A special wire knot ties the intersecting strands of weaving wire together that creates a smooth connection.

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7' STUDDED T POST 10783 Other Studded T-Post, 7', 1.

40 and $1. . The size of the hole makes it difficult for hooves of horses and.

95. The fence is manufactured using Class 1 galvanized steel, woven rather than welded, with expansion crimps to help the fence stretch and conform to the terrain. 5 Ga. non-climb mesh is perfect to safely confine and protect valuable horses and other hoofed animals. Describe in few words * Send this inquiry to.


x 100 ft. Features the S-Knot with a smoothed side that cannot harm your horses.


Features the S-Knot with a smoothed side that cannot harm your horses.

“S” knot combats buckling, sagging and ongoing maintenance needs.

x 100 ft.

The FARMGARD 48 in.