A certificate of marital status/marriage certificate is valid for 4 months from the date of issuance.

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If one of you has previously been married, the previous marriage must have been dissolved before you can remarry. Whimsical Beachfront Wedding.



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It is acceptable for foreigners to be married in Denmark.

As seen on the copy all information is written in five languages, Danish, English, German, French, and Spanish. Apply for a certificate of no impediment (hindersprövning) at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). .

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Feb 15, 2023 · Thousands in fact.


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Other applications will take longer time to process because they have been submitted at a third country's diplomatic.
In Denmark, the process to get married can take as little as one week (if you’re in a hurry) to a maximum of around 4–5 weeks.


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Our borders know no bounds to love. Katy Chubb, 8 September. That means that almost half of the population is or has been unfaithful at least once.

Whimsical Beachfront Wedding. . If you need a Certificate of marital license in order to get married outside Denmark you also need to meet the conditions in the Danish Marital Act before we can issue the Certificate of marital license. They may start to learn to drive three months before their 18th birthday. You will not need a visa in 2022 - you have the right for a 90 day visit in any 3. One is to get married outside of the United States and then apply for a green card through a U.

International couples have been travelling here to get married since the ‘60s and it’s something we’re proud of too.

Complete or Essential Service. Marriage Abroad (outside Denmark) A civil marriage in a town hall.

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